Seiwa-en, or the "garden of pure, clear harmony and peace," is the largest Japanese garden in North America situated on 14 acres. It is considered a "wet strolling garden" (chisen kaiyushiki) style that was developed in the late Edo period of 19th century Japan.

In 1972 the Japanese American Citizen's League proposed its creation at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and enlisted the design services of Koichi Kawana, M.F.A, Ph.D., a native of Japan and Principal Architecture Associate and lecturer in Japanese art, architecture and landscape design at the University of of California, Los Angeles. Kawana Sensei not only designed Seiwa-en but also supervised its construction and development until his death in 1990. He designed many gardens throughout the United States including Sancho-En at Chicago's Botanical Garden, and others in Denver and Los Angeles.

Seiwa-en was dedicated in May, 1977.

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